Science coaching classes

Science coaching classes

Science is one of the most important subjects in school,howeverit is a subject that many find they really struggle with due to its complex nature and link with mathematics.Enhance your knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics with Shukla Tutorials. Going from primary education into secondary education can be a big step. A child is not only being exposed to a new environment and new people, they are also finding a whole new way of learning. We understand that this transition can easily throw a student off, especially due to the pressure, work load and new information. We effectively prepare our students for their exams. We provide A-Level tutors in all three denominations of science. Our tutors dedicate themselves to motivating our students to doing their best and realise their full potential. As well as developing areas of strength, we also identify a student’s weaker areas and focus on these areas to improve them. Shukla Tutorials provides a student with a whole new outlook on the subject and a new way of learning which suits their individual learning style. We provide quality education to the students.Our method of teaching is similar to home tuition where every student gets individual attention. Our expert mentors nurture, each student to excel. The regularly held doubt sessions and evaluation process constantly tracks the student’s progress and helps them to score more during exams. We are pleased to be able to say that we have plenty of satisfied parents and students across Mumbai. One of the things we are most proud of is that our tutors dedicate themselves to helping students realise their own abilities and potential so that they can go on to believe they can achieve the top grades.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • Faculty at Shukla Tutorials is extremely caring and hardworking who make it a point for every student to be equally interactive in the classroom sessions. The management system along with the test programs is great for the overall development of any student.

    Karan Sharma
  • I owe my success to the facilities and teachers at Shukla Tutorials. They were instrumental in improving my concepts as well as question solving ability.

    Monica Tambe
  • Hello Friends, I joined Shukla Tutorial in 2019 for Vacation Courses. The institute supported me a lot and I want to give credit to management who provided all the required facilities and to faculties, who were experts of their subjects.

    Ridhi Sen