Maths Classes

Maths Classes

Get ready for mathematical ride!

If your child says “I hate maths” or school maths is not demanding enough, we can help. We promote understanding over memorization and builds a firm foundation in the subject. At the same time we put the fun and games back into learning with in-class competitions and group problem solving at Olympiad level. Practice makes a man perfect, especially when it’s maths. We know that students find that Maths is sometimes hard to understand yet beautiful. Shukla Tutorials is the best maths classes, in Churchgate taught by highly experienced teachers. Our teaching approach is highly systematic. We make sure each subject is thoroughly learned and understood so our students solve problems through logic rather than memorizing theory. Our aim is to help our students understand and love mathematic , be inventive, open-minded and strive to think outside the box. To achieve this we provide an engaging and enriching environment in which our students can develop their abilities far beyond the ordinary.We lift maths up from any perception of being dry, dull and difficult to being exciting, challenging and enjoyable through games and competitions that engage our students powers of logic and problem solving skills New standard gets a new version of learning. We are dedicated to serve the educational sector and create the best minds.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • Faculty at Shukla Tutorials is extremely caring and hardworking who make it a point for every student to be equally interactive in the classroom sessions. The management system along with the test programs is great for the overall development of any student.

    Karan Sharma
  • I owe my success to the facilities and teachers at Shukla Tutorials. They were instrumental in improving my concepts as well as question solving ability.

    Monica Tambe
  • Hello Friends, I joined Shukla Tutorial in 2019 for Vacation Courses. The institute supported me a lot and I want to give credit to management who provided all the required facilities and to faculties, who were experts of their subjects.

    Ridhi Sen