English Classes

English Classes

Say goodbye to boring fill-in-the-blank grammar. Unlock your mind with the best teaching faculty for English now! Develop useful writing skills and read authentic, real world texts. Language learning is a continuous, dynamic, long term process, as with any skill development. More opportunities to practice the language helps boost your child’s confidence in using the language in everyday life.Learning English is less complicated than you think. We provide you quality coaching, that’s within your reach. Shukla Tutorials is the best English classes in Churchgate, with the newest methodologies and guidance. So, struggling with the score won’t be a problem anymore. We are here for enlightening you to achieve. We are glad that you want to explore the world and attain your goal globally. We have over 24+ years’ experience of teaching English. Classes are taught by highly trained and experienced teachers who bring energy and expertise to every class.With us, your child will learn more than just the English language. They'll be able to express themselves with confidence that goes beyond their language skills. Our classes focus on practical skills and interactive exercises. Each chapter is brought to life with activities, team projects and high-quality materials based on real-world topics that the students are really interested in. Your child will have the space to improve their English reading, writing and listening skills in their own time, as they prepare for their next class.The result? They will feel more confident in class and have more time to work on their speaking skills during the class time with their teacher and classmates. A love of learning English will last a lifetime..

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Alumini Testimonials

  • Faculty at Shukla Tutorials is extremely caring and hardworking who make it a point for every student to be equally interactive in the classroom sessions. The management system along with the test programs is great for the overall development of any student.

    Karan Sharma
  • I owe my success to the facilities and teachers at Shukla Tutorials. They were instrumental in improving my concepts as well as question solving ability.

    Monica Tambe
  • Hello Friends, I joined Shukla Tutorial in 2019 for Vacation Courses. The institute supported me a lot and I want to give credit to management who provided all the required facilities and to faculties, who were experts of their subjects.

    Ridhi Sen