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Shukla classes are conducting regular tutorial classes for 8th, 9th, and 10th for their students’ benefit to help them prepare well and understand better the difficult subjects. These batches are designed to help you be at par with your peers and prepare for the final exams. We know that you may be strong in some subjects and weak in others, hence hand-holding maybe required. These batches will help to grasp the complex topics easily so that you can master them before your exams.

Through our regular classes, our teachers will enable you to assess your performance regularly through different tests and exams. This can help you devise a new learning strategy and work harder on subjects where you are weak. You will learn the art of time management through these periodic exams and answering questions in the allotted time. The exams will help you assess which areas you are going wrong so that you can amend your learning methods. You can get cleared all your doubts easily and quickly by our expert teachers who will provide personalized attention.

We are here to make you improve and realize your maximum potential by giving honest feedback on your performance. You can be assured of achieving the best marks in your classroom in all subjects with our regular classes.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • Faculty at Shukla Tutorials is extremely caring and hardworking who make it a point for every student to be equally interactive in the classroom sessions. The management system along with the test programs is great for the overall development of any student.

    Karan Sharma
  • I owe my success to the facilities and teachers at Shukla Tutorials. They were instrumental in improving my concepts as well as question solving ability.

    Monica Tambe
  • Hello Friends, I joined Shukla Tutorial in 2019 for Vacation Courses. The institute supported me a lot and I want to give credit to management who provided all the required facilities and to faculties, who were experts of their subjects.

    Ridhi Sen